April 2015
We love Tick Tackler! We wanted to manage the tick population because both my wife and my dog have had Lyme disease. We have a big yard surrounded by a lot of trees and we wanted to treat the ticks without harmful pesticides because we have well water and a dog. Jen was very helpful in explaining how the treatments work and answering any and all questions I had about ticks! We surveyed the property together so she could learn how we used it in order to tailor the treatments to our needs. The customer service is great! They are always accommodating and check in before each treatment to see if we have any problem areas.
Sharon - Basking Ridge, NJ


Tick Tackler to the rescue. The area I live in has a high tick population. My partner, one of our dogs, and I have Chronic Lyme Disease (IV picc line, the whole setup). At one point, we couldn't even sit outside and enjoy our lakefront property without fear of ticks, which was until we met Jen and the Tick Tackler crew. We wanted something that was organic and environmentally friendly, and Jen provides that and so much more. I feel like my house is a fortress against ticks now, and these guys have created a safe space for my family to spend time together outside. I tell all my friends to please spray your yards because Lyme disease and other tick borne disease are an epidemic up here and growing. Tick Tackler is more than just a service to fend against ticks, it's a great family owned business that can literally protect the health and well being of you and your family. Thank you for making our home a space we want to live in again. You have given us much more than just a tick service. Our dogs thank you as well. Xo
- The Nickas-Imbrie Crew from Newton, NJ


This will be our third year as one of Jennifer's customers, and we have been very pleased with her services. She sprays our yard about 3x a year and is very thorough. We have active, outdoorsy children who spend a lot of time in the woods, and Jennifer always makes sure those areas are concentrated on. We used to pick so many ticks off of our kids, dog, and cat and most of us have had Lyme disease prior to Jennifer spraying our yard. Now we barely pick off any ticks at all. Jennifer also supplies us with Vitamin B patches, neem soap, and she has wonderful suggestions as to how to keep our family tick-free. We are very conscious of what products we use on our children, pets, and on our lawn. Jennifer's natural products are safe and yet effective. Jennifer is very prompt in returning any calls or e-mails and is always eager to answer questions and share information. We are very satisfied customers, and we would recommend Jennifer to any homeowner who wants to protect his/her family and pets.
- Mike & Steph, Hampton, NJ


This past summer, as per a recommendation from our holistic Veterinarian, Jen from Tick Tackler visited our nonprofit organization, Doing Right By Rescues-(we provide low cost tutoring to those who have rescued dogs). Our site is located on six acres, surrounded by protected woodlands with lots of wonderful wildlife. We wanted to be sure that we were doing everything we could to ensure our visitors (two and four footed) were best protected against exposure to ticks, while respecting the environment in which we live with safe solutions. Not only did Jen spend much time educating us on prevention and maintenance, she also donated supplies to our organization! We recommend Tick Tackler to anyone wishing to learn more about the most effective methods and services available to keep their time outdoors worry free.
- Pam Morgan, Executive Director, Doing Right By Rescues


Tick Tackler offers an effective, environmentally and family friendly option to pest control. We have a large property in a wooded area with two active children and dogs that have the run of the house. I have been using Tick Tackler's services for several years now and have yet to pull a tick off of our children or pets! It also gives me a great level of comfort knowing that the products used are safe and that my family is not being exposed to harmful chemicals. A great service!
- Denise, Martinsville, NJ


Our family has used Tick Tackler for the past 6 years. We read an article in the Courier-News about Tick Tackler and how Jennifer uses organic products. We had been searching for something like this for a while, we had a dog that always had health issues and believed very strongly that it was related to the commercial pesticides applied to our property by our landscaper.

After speaking with Jennifer about her product, she made a believer out of us. She is very passionate about her product and how safe it is for the health of your family and pets. She is in it for more than just business. Jennifer will come out 4 times a year to treat your property. In the past 6 years we have not had a tick problem. Our dogs will stay out in the yard and wander around for hours and come in clean. It is truly amazing how it works. Dealing with Jennifer all of these years has been a pleasure and the results are as promised.
- Jennifer - Martinsville NJ


Thank you Tick Tackler's! I learned so much from your team when they were here treating our lawn. Not only did they do a great job of covering our property, but their knowledge and experience were so valuable. Plus, just very nice to work with. Thank you for helping us deal with these buggers in a way that lowers my stress!
- Leah, my family and dog Bodhi from Elkins Park, PA


We have been having our property taken care of by Tick Tackler for almost 2 years. We live in a wooded area and finding ticks on my dog and children was a constant worry. I have not seen a tick on any of us since they have been treating our property. Jen and her friendly team are thorough and respectful of taking care of us. I am happy that we can have a sense of safety without the use of dangerous, damaging and unhealthy pesticides. We are thankful Tick Tackler was recommended to us and we would recommend Tick Tackler to any property owner.
- Lisa - Bernardsville, NJ


When my son was 2 he was diagnosed with Lyme's Disease, a disease that is transmitted through a tick bite. From that day forward I knew then that I had to then do something to protect my family from these nasty bugs. I was hesitant to use poisonous pesticides in my yard and heard about Tick Tackler from a friend. Since then I have used the Tick Tackler during the tick seasons and have not had any problems with ticks. The owner Jen is extremely knowledgeable and willing to answer any questions you may have about ticks and the spraying process. I highly recommend using Tick Tackler. It has been a wonderful experience!
- Leah H. - Rockaway, NJ


When we moved to Hunterdon County 13 years ago our house was newly built on farmland and there was a lot of wildlife passing through the three acres that we kept mowed around the house. I breed and show standard poodles so part of the property was securely fenced for the dogs and no wildlife could get into that area. Even so the dogs picked up ticks every day and my tick jar of alcohol quickly filled up with ticks. The worst was having ticks coming off the dogs onto my clothing and then finding them on my neck or in my hair. Some of the dogs used to sleep in our bedroom but when I woke up at night with a tick crawling on my head, they were banished. I eventually had to be treated for Lyme disease and my dogs often tested positive for Lyme and Anaplasma. Once the Tick Tackler started spraying the property with her special concoction the number of ticks declined quickly. By the second year there were so few I never had to empty my tick jar mid-season. Now if I pick a dozen ticks off the dogs during tick season it's a lot! I don't like to use any poisons on my dogs so Jen Molzen has the perfect solution to our tick problem!
- Marion - Asbury, NJ


I was so glad that our veterinarian recommended we talk to Jen at Tick Tackler. I'm just not the kind of person who treats my child holistically and my dog from a garbage can. I needed a tick solution that wouldn't harm my family (dog included).

After we found Ginger's very first tick, Jen came to us as soon as she could. Considering the issue, I felt her pricing was fair. Her true passion for our health and the well being of the environment really made me feel comfortable and cared for. She also helped us design the landscaping in our backyard to be as tick free as possible to support the treatment.

Everyone on the Tick Tackler Team has been courteous, accessible, and caring- it completely sets them apart in the industry.
- Beth H. - Morristown, NJ


Our family loves to be outside as much as possible - on any given day, we love to be playing on our swing set, throwing the football around and rolling around on the grass. Unfortunately, we live in an area that is heavily populated with deer and we know of many neighbors and friends who have had to deal with Lyme disease and the overall scare of ticks. With two young kids and two dogs, we wanted to find a natural and organic solution, which would protect and allow us to continue to enjoy the outdoors. This is when we found Jennifer! From my first phone call to her, I felt like I could have talked to her for hours - she was so passionate and knowledgeable about what she does!

Jennifer and her team are so friendly when they come to spray. I found that she gave me ample notice as to when she was planning on coming, and made sure that the day/time was convenient to me as well. Also, she always offered to come back out and respray if there had been too much rain following our recent treatment, wanting to make sure that everything had not been washed away.

My husband and I had always been afraid to treat our lawn with traditional pesticides given the level of chemicals found within - but now, I feel so comfortable watching my kids run around barefoot outside, knowing that the grass is safe in so many ways!
- Jenn S. – Basking Ridge, NJ


I am a customer of Tick Tackler. I am writing to let you know that we love tick Tackler! When I was looking to find a solution to ticks in our yard, I called Jennifer for information. She was so dedicated to her company that she answered during dinner (I could hear her children in the background!).

This was so wonderful because I knew she was a mom, just like me, who was concerned for her family. She shared her personal stories of how she came about this business and shared her knowledge and concern of using safe products around her family. I got off the phone and knew that I could trust her to take care of my family, and she was not only in the business for money, but she truly cared about helping people find a safe solution. Jennifer and her father do the spraying and they are both so nice and helpful. They talk to you like "friends" and are so personable. I used to take my child outside last year and we'd come in with ten deer ticks on her!! After having them come spray we did not have another the entire summer. Jennifer followed up with us and told us that if we had more ticks to let her know and they would respray. She also told us about safe "bug spray" options for children to wear in the woods. Jennifer has also helped answer our questions on how to safely rid carpenter ants and other pests in our home and on our pets. I don't only think of Tick Tackler as a resource to get rid of ticks on our yard, but also as a resource to learn more about how to safely solve pest problems at home. Jennifer is always willing to help. I had called others who claimed to be "organic" but they were not using safe sprays as Tick Tackler does. I hope you decide to go with them, as they are truly safe for children and pets.
- Colleen in Hackettstown, NJ


Fall 2010
I first met Jen when our daughters were together in 1st grade (they are now in 4th and still great friends), and they have both been in girl scouts together since then. Her son and my younger daughter are now in 2nd grade together. She is a dear friend of mine, and I have only the best things to tell you about her. She is dedicated, diligent, reliable, and completely trustworthy. Personally, she is completely down to earth, very funny, humble and loyal.

Regarding the actual service, we have an acre of property and two cats. We used to pull ticks by the 10s off our daughters this time of year. Since we started with her 4x/season spraying two years ago, it has dramatically reduced the level of ticks, and unbelievably we have not pulled a single deer tick off of my girls this season YET! (we did find a couple of dog ticks, but I think they came from our walk in the park). We are very leery of using conventional pesticides for the sake of our kids, and this really works.
- Alexa- Hampton, NJ